Can Man’s mercury-free welding rolls are available for almost all types of welders and are roughly 30% lower priced to comparable rolls due to an ingenious contact system (patents pending).
Pay 2 PowerROLLS™ and get 3, even in mixed sizes, resulting in even half the price of comparable rolls! This bundle offer is available until end of 2016.
In focus is our latest and complete new product development, the X4 automatic drum welder as well as one of the key-persons behind, Philipp Bühler. Shine like new does our reliable X5 automatic welder for large containers thanks to many powerful upgrades. Speaking of upgrades, we also have a look at the Sabatec squaring wheel upgrade for ABM welders. read more
Great news for everybody who wants the best slitter ever designed and built, but does not need the top speed and / or the superfast change over of our PowerCUT™ S. We have simplified some areas without cutting out the "soul" of this machine, its unprecedented precision. A price reduction of 30% should lift our slitter into most customers budgets, because all of you know:
«A good 3-piece can starts with a perfectly cut blank!»
The most flexible & versatile automatic drum welder enters the market. SmartCONTROL and Servo Technologies at its best, enable a complete format and material change, speed and welding parameter correction within 10 minutes! Check it out here.
We have prepared a new video to present our latest PowerCUT at a glance. The video give you a better understanding of the great versatility, high precision and efficiency of this unique duplex slitter. … and action!»
Only our newly designed medium speed welding bodymaker CM16 S takes account of the latest safety rules and still allow best possible usability for setup, service and operation.
The new IPC machine control eases the handling and is also the base for the completely new developed Qualimaker2™. Learn more about this smart welder of the 3rd generation here.
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