To speed up the production of ventilation pipes is the purpose of that compact unit that extend our product range for the HVAC production. Highest reliability and most comfortable usability is granted by the solid rollforming technology and advanced SmartCONTROL control, that is based on our well proven high performance stitch welders.
Faulty cans must be detected reliable to avoid enormous trouble in the canbody manufacturing processes and beyond. With its very easy to understand software and dead reliable hardware, Qualimaker™ 2 is the best possible quality control tool. And, it's affordable.
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Speed meets flexibility; we introduce our completely new blank feeding system, the PowerFEED™ S, which features a reduction in downtime of 3 pc canmaking production lines of up to 56%. A further huge reduction can be achieved by serving 2 canmaking lines with just 1 blank feeder. How? Get a closer look and see the latest news.
The most flexible & versatile automatic drum welder enters the market. SmartCONTROL and Servo Technologies at its best, enable a complete format and material change, speed and welding parameter correction within 10 minutes! Check it out here.
We have prepared a new video to present our latest PowerCUT at a glance. The video give you a better understanding of the great versatility, high precision and efficiency of this unique duplex slitter. … and action!»
Only our newly designed medium speed welding bodymaker CM16 S takes account of the latest safety rules and still allow best possible usability for setup, service and operation.
The new IPC machine control eases the handling and is also the base for the completely new developed Qualimaker2™. Learn more about this smart welder of the 3rd generation here.
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