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You are invited to enjoy most of our full featured PowerLINE™ components on our booth 1.0-B20, the biggest booth in hall 1. Let yourself be impressed with our many perfected detail solutions, all based on our key values of simplicity, flexibility, user- & environmental-friendliness. From upgrades to entire 3-piece canmaking lines we are your relyable partner.
With the latest improvement of our induction curing unit, the coil comes now in a modular design. The heated area is no longer fix, so it can afterwards be adjusted acc. to the test results in production.
Do you have doubts over your electric supply? The following offer might not be THE solution for every case, but for sure a very reasonably priced protection for your precious machine controls.

Learn more about the risks of overvoltages and how to prevent severe damage of your valuable electronics.
Upgrade: X1 - Belt Tensioner
For early X1 high-speed welding bodymakers is an upgrade available that prevents the motor shaft from damages caused by excessive tensioning of the timing belts. The new design uses a flexible mounted tension roller for the separate adjustment of the drive belt. Once adjusted, no further settings are required and a potential source of troubles is eliminated for good. Learn more
Similar to many of our products, the X-Press newletter has been continuously improved since it's launch 10 years ago. The printed issue comes now in a larger format, in 2 languages and perfectly layouted with real BIG NEWS in it.

If you feel about paper in the same way as we do, joining our mailing list!
Only our newly designed medium speed welding bodymaker CM16 S takes account of the latest safety rules and still allow best possible usability for setup, service and operation.
The new IPC machine control eases the handling and is also the base for the completely new developed Qualimaker2™. Learn more about this smart welder of the 3rd generation here.
After several small improvements such as the integration of a fume extraction, optimizations for tropical conditions and so on, PowerCURE™ comes with a big advancement which saves again 50% of space by using the track twice. Especially for lacquer - applications the heating should not be as aggressive as it can be with powder and a rest period may also be required for certain lacquers. read more
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