At stand D06 in Hall 15 we and our qualified representatives Tormec and Perf. ETC. Steel Corp. will be happy to assist you in all your HVAC related concerns.
From upgrades or replacements of your existing welding equipment to setting up components of your new production line, Can Man has the technology, the "know-how" and the experience.
A new weld monitor for everybody(maker)
With its powerful hardware and carefully designed software our new Qualimaker 2 brings you not only a big step closer to a zero-defect production, but it's also a tool that you will love to use.
With the latest print-issue, a free ticket for Metpack is delivered. joining our mailing list! to be with us!
Only our newly designed medium speed welding bodymaker CM16 S takes account of the latest safety rules and still allow best possible usability for setup, service and operation.
The new IPC machine control eases the handling and is also the base for the completely new developed Qualimaker2™. Learn more about this smart welder of the 3rd generation here.
After several small improvements such as the integration of a fume extraction, optimizations for tropical conditions and so on, PowerCURE™ comes with a big advancement which saves again 50% of space by using the track twice. Especially for lacquer - applications the heating should not be as aggressive as it can be with powder and a rest period may also be required for certain lacquers. read more
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