Cold welding seam


  • Are you sure that mercury is still in the rollers?
  • Do you see a mercury leakage? (mercury has a silver colour)
  • Do you have copper wire breaks frequently?
  • What diameter has the copper wire?
  • Are you sure you are using pure copper wire? (It happen ones, that steel-wire with a copper shield has been used by a customer)
  • What transformer step is in function at the moment? (see the big black manual switch)
  • Did you recently increase to a higher step on the transformer switch?

Pictures to be send:

  • Send us some clear pictures from the welder
  • Front side with the copper wire in view
  • Control panel
  • Manometer the air regulator on main air inlet (to see the adjusted air pressure > responsible for welding pressure)
  • Send us pictures of the pre-rounded working pieces (view from the top)

To do:

  • Check the isolation of the lower welding arm:
    • Disconnect the copper plate underneath the welding tranformer, and measure the isolation of the lower arm to the frame of the machine (only if z-bar is already insulated by brown insulating plates left and right!)
  • Regroove both welding rollers with the delivered regrooving tool
  • Send pictures of the new grooves (to avoid misunderstanding)
  • If you believe new grooves are not needed, send pictures of existing grooves
  • If you have spare welding rollers, change them. Normally the lower (smaller one) has to be changed more often than the upper one.