How to put in operation a replacement wireless touch panel.

Switch “ON” the battery on the backside of touch panel.


Start up the touch panel.


Tip on this symbol.  


Tip on the “CUSTOMER” key.


Login with your password.


After you push the tool button again you can see the recipe window. 


Do not push the load button. In this case you load an empty recipe and all parameters are set to 0 and you are not able to set back!!!


Choose a free memory space.
In this example 3 (blue coloured frame)


Push the „SAVE” button and a keyboard field will appear.


Enter a name for your program, e.g. „TEST“ and press the return key.
Confirm the saving by “Yes” or “No”.


Now you can see the saved recipe on the list. You have saved the actual sheet parameter incl. the basic parameters of the PowerCut.