Phase-out of Lenze products

June 16, 2017

Product phase-out of the devices LENZE 8200, 9300, ECS and SMD

We would like to inform you about the product phase-out of the Lenze 8200, 9300, ECS and SMD series. In order to grant you a supply beyond that date, we have already increased our stock for you.

Due to the decrease of production volumes and rising costs for material procurement, Lenze raised the prices by 15 % from 1st May 2017 which we have to pass to you as well. However, we resign from an additional uppricing for the increased storage of their products.

For a seamless continuation of a blameless function of your Can Man product, we will of course come back to you in time with replacement or upgrade possibilities.

If you have any question, please contact us.