Benefits Of The PowerCURE™ EAR

Striking Advantages

Benefitting the same striking features as our premium side seam curing system PowerCURE™, the PowerCURE for EAR’s was made for those who require welding spot protection on the handles. But it does much more;

  1. “clocking” the randomly incoming containers.
  2. “orientating” the ears / handles
  3. “spraying” the welding spots inside the containers
  4. “induction curing” the lacquer

Technical Data Model S

Production Up to 60 pails/min
Diameter range 150 - 205 mm
Height range 140 - 250 mm

Technical Data Model M

Production Up to 45 pails/min
Diameter range 200 - 250 mm
Height range 150 - 380 mm

Technical Data Model L

Production up to 30 pails/min
Diameter range 250 - 330 mm
Height range 160 - 420 mm