Benefits Of The CM 21

Patented Clamping System

A special device (patent pending) clamps the rolled body throughout its complete welding lengths and guarantees a constant overlap. The WIMA – seam looks better, removes all the flanging and seaming problems and allows even a powder or lacquer coating.

Cutting Tolerances

Since the handling system is based on a clamping device, even irregularly cutted blanks, such as out of square or too long and too short can’t create any overlapping problem (except “bow cuts”).

Changeover Time

The greatest advantage of a semi-auto-welder is its great flexibility even for smallest can orders. Diameter change on a CM 21 requires no changeover time and canbody height changes can be done in less than a minute.


This semi-auto is the smallest welder ever built. With a floor size of only 1 x 1 meter it was never as easy to move this machine from one place to another. With the optional available cooling unit and the 2 plugs (electric and air) you can move it easily wherever you want it in no time.

Technical Data CM 21

Diameter range 99 - 330 mm (WIMA)
52 / 99 - 330 mm (Butterfly)
Height range 50 - 350 mm (WIMA)
50 - 330* / 420 mm (Butterfly)
*max height when using welding arm for ø 52 mm
Blank thickness 0.19 - 0.28 mm (WIMA)
0.19 - 0.36 mm (Butterfly)
Overlap 1,00 mm (WIMA)
2,5 mm (Butterfly)
Format change 2 minutes
Welding speed 8 - 14 m/min
Wire diameter 1.5 mm
Electrical mains 3 x 400 VAC + N + Ground, 50 / 60 Hz
Fuse & Power 32 A, 25 kVA (single phase)
Water Pressure 5 bar
Air pressure & consumption 6 bar, 5 m³/h


Welding roller dressing unit

Professional and exact profiling of the welding roll is an important factor for a smooth canbody production. With Can Man's dressing unit this job can be done on a high quality standard, no matter which brand of welding roll is used.

Blank measuring unit

A good can starts with a good blank. To do important offline controls we provide the blank measuring unit to ensure that cutting tolerances are kept within the lmits.

Cold pressure welder

With the cold pressure welder two ends of copper wire can be welded together if the copper wire coil is empty or after a wire break. Welding the two ends together avoids the job of re-threading the copper wire which can be a quite time-consuming job, especially on aged welders and welders of other brands because the wiring is complicated.

Inside diameter measuring unit

With the easy to handle and compact inside diameter measuring unit you can do offline quality controls very easily and the set-up process in case of a format-change can be monitored and controlled.
All Can Man content is now also available on the Soudronic Group website.
Where do you want to continue your journey?
All Can Man content is now also available on the Soudronic Group website.
Where do you want to continue your journey?