Benefits Of The X5 WeldCENTER™


With up to 70 containers per minute, the X5 is the fastest large format welder available today.


For the blameless production of various material, it is of advantage to be able to select pre-set parameters, X5 works with the latest generation of controls and static technologies known as SmartCONTROL™.


The connection-power is an important cost factor, especially when running large containers. Thanks to an optimized arrangement of the welding arms (PowerBAR), the electric power consumption of X5 is less than 30 amps per phase at maximum welding power and speed.


As a standard, only 1 instead of 4 items must be adjusted after redressing the welding roll to achieve a constant welding quality. That means minimal downtime and a reduction of human handling errors


A powerful I-PC (industrial PC) in combination with an advance software eliminates the limits of PLC’s (programmable logic controllers) and boots the handling and monitoring remarkably, worldwide wireless access included. The welder is operated over an easy to use and top reliable iPad operators panel.  The software is structured so simple, it can really be operated intuitional.

2-Wire System Incorporated & Selectable

For tinplate thicker than 0.36 mm, two copper wires are recommended to ensure top quality seams. A simple selector switch and extremely easy re-wiring let you choose between one or two wires.

Format Change

The rounded blanks are transported by means of 2 timing belts equipped with unibody connected pushfingers (patented). This unique transport-system, located inside the containers, guarantees no offset of the blank edges as well as height change within 5 minutes.

Technical Data

Diameter range 180 - 400 mm
Height range 120 / 150 - 650 mm
Blank thickness 0.24 - 0.6 mm
Production output up to 70 cpm
Welding speed 10 - 32 m/min
Wire diameter 2 x 1.5 or 1.8 mm
Format change 30 minutes
Height change 5 minutes
Electrical mains 3 x 400 VAC + N + Ground, 50 / 60 Hz
Fuse and power 3 x 40 A, 35 kVA
Water Pressure 5 bar
Flow rate min. 40 l/min
Cooling power min. 20 kW
Air pressure and consumption 5 bar, 42 m³/h


Welding roller dressing unit

Professional and exact profiling of the welding roll is an important factor for a smooth canbody production. With Can Man's dressing unit this job can be done on a high quality standard, no matter which brand of welding roll is used.

Blank measuring unit

A good can starts with a good blank. To do important offline controls we provide the blank measuring unit to ensure that cutting tolerances are kept within the lmits.

Cold pressure welder

With the cold pressure welder two ends of copper wire can be welded together if the copper wire coil is empty or after a wire break. Welding the two ends together avoids the job of re-threading the copper wire which can be a quite time-consuming job, especially on aged welders and welders of other brands because the wiring is complicated.

Spring back tester

Easy but efficient - with the spring back tester material hardnesses can be tested very easily. Such a check can be made when sheets are entering the plant to make sure that the material is supplied as ordered as well as on the slitter. Material-differences in regards of hardness and temper which might result in waste or down time cost much more money than a control device.