– VALID FROM 01.04.2018 –

1. Information

1.1. Product and Price

Product images used for advertising, brochures, the online shop etc. are for illustration purposes only and are not binding.

Product information available through the online shop is compiled to be as customer-friendly as possible but is not binding.

All prices quoted are in Swiss Francs, Euro or US Dollars, depending on the customer’s region.

All Swiss Franc prices quoted, are excl. value added tax (VAT). Can Man reserves the right to change prices of products and services at any time. The prices stated in the online shop at the time of order placement apply. Prices quoted do not include transport costs. Transport costs will be calculated according to the product(s)’ weight before order completion. The customer may choose between Priority or Standard Shipping, depending on their region.

1.2. Terms of Trade

The displayed Euro or US Dollar costs include a currency adjustment of 2.5 %.

1.3. Availability and Delivery Times

Can Man is committed to providing up-to-date and precise information on availability in the online shop. However, production and delivery shortages in particular may cause delivery delays for Can Man. Therefore, all information on availability is subject to change. In case of any uncertainties, please contact our sales-team at sales@canman.ch.

2. Contract Conclusion

Customers are informed of their order placement by means of an automatically generated order confirmation by Can Man, which is sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer. The receipt of the automatically generated order confirmation does not constitute a commitment that the product will be delivered. It solely notifies the customer that the placed order was received by the online shop and a contract was therefore concluded with Can Man under condition of deliverability and correct price quotation. The order confirmation of Can Man is therefore final and binding. Any general conditions of purchase reaching Can Man after issuing the order confirmation cannot be considered.

3. Delivery Date

Can Man cannot always ensure exact delivery times. Depending on the customer’s region and their preferred delivery method, parcel deliveries vary in terms of delivery time. For an exact delivery date, please contact our sales-team at sales.canman@soudronic.com.

4. Customer Obligation to inspect Product(s)

Customers are obliged to immediately inspect the delivered product(s) for correctness, completeness and potential transport damage.

If the delivery is carried out by a service partner, the customer must state the defect on the delivery note.

The customer shall inform Can Man any defects, or false or incomplete deliveries, immediately after detection.

5. Basic Conditions

Our quotations and order confirmations are based on the “General Conditions of Contract for the Supply of Plant and Machinery” SWISS MEM (Association of the Swiss Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Industries).

All Can Man content is now also available on the Soudronic Group website.
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All Can Man content is now also available on the Soudronic Group website.
Where do you want to continue your journey?