Can Man’s 25Th Anniversary Tour

December 01, 2016

Ruedi Umbricht has a pilot’s license since 2007. But as a Can Man he started already 25 years ago. With the siblings Marianne and Johnny as co-pilots, all situations have been mastered successfully since then, and with the entire crew, considerable pioneer work has been accomplished. In order to celebrate what has been achieved, our crew has obtained a ticket to the “Airbus city” Toulouse. In a chartered machine, our journey took us along the snow-covered Alpine peaks from Zurich to the south of France. The city presented itself to us in a colorful and extremely vibrant pre-Christmas mood. Our walk to the cozy and typical French restaurant, led us right through the old town. Pink brick buildings characterize the cityscape and have given Toulouse the nickname “La ville rose” (The Pink City). The highlight of our trip was an Airbus plant visit. Under strict safety precautions, we have been able to gain insight into the A380 production halls and have been impressed with facts and figures. We came closer to all kinds of aircrafts and their evolutionary process in the near located Airbus Museum. We ended our trip with a festive meal and some well mixed drinks.

We hope you enjoyed the trip with us so far. In the name of the captain and the entire crew, we hope to see you soon again as one of our readers and serve you as our customers.