The Time Machine

May 01, 2017

The main advantage of our newly introduced PowerSTORE™ is to MAKE TIME (and we all know time is money)! It has been designed to reduce line downtime in such lines where the slitter and the assembling line is connected through a blank feeding unit. The changeover time of a slitter is by far the most time consuming job and that can bring the line efficiency down by hours, especially for canmakers who do several height and or format changes per week. Those canmakers who require daily changes have even avoided having the slitter near the canbody line because of its endless changeover time. They even had to take the time and bear the costs to pack the cutted blanks and transport them to the line and feed them to the welder … all manually and with the risk of scratching the blanks (and the operator!).

PowerSTORE™, is a simple and payable interlink between slitter and welder. It can store up to 40’000 blanks (depending on cansize), which compensates the changeover time of the Can Man slitter and reduces therefore the downtime of the line to only a couple of minutes!