How to change the bending wedge on X1?

  • Take off the upper rollformer shaft / bending wedge unit completely. Release first both spring pressures completely!
  • Change the bending wedge, take care that the roller is not falling by mistake onto carbide wedge! Put a rag between.
  • Change the support bearings below lower rollformer roller first if damaged!
    • Important: Left and right of both bearings a shim of ø 8/14 x 0.5 mm is needed, to avoid that outside rings of bearings are touching lateraly on the hardened support and becoming hot!
  • Control whether the little shaft (into the needle bearings of lower rollformer shaft) in the right side plate is really fixed well or not.
  • Mount the lower rollformer roller completely, and measure the clearance between roller and bearing: 0.02 – 0.05 mm.
    • Important: If no clearance can be measured, take off the hardened support with bearings, and grind the lower side slighty until above mentioned clearance 0.02 – 0.05 mm has been reached.
  • Mount the upper rollformer shaft / bending wedge unit back (use only bores in the middle!), and move the bending wedge about two turns up. Avoid that the wedge touches the lower shaft after closing the rollformer! Don’t tighten spring pressure yet!
  • Close the rollformer, and hold left and right a feeler gauge 0.10 mm between both rollers. Close the rollformer slowly step by step. Take care that bending wedge will not touch lower roller!
  • Reset the height of upper roller until you can move out both feeler gauges easily. Now open rollformer and measure the clearance between bending wedge and roller. It should min. 0.3 mm.
  • Double check ones more whether a proper clearance between lower roller and bending wedge is there.
  • Close the rollformer completely and reset spring pressure and set roller clearance correctly.
  • Now the rollformer is ready for first rollforming trials.