How to change the copper wire from 1.38 to 1.24 mm?

Copper wire change from 1.38 to 1.24:

  1. Before you change to the smaller copper wire, measure the wire elongation, main welding current and welding pressure and make a note.
  2. Make sure that the burrs on the tin-plates are well, try to minimize (damage of copper wire!).
  3. Leave both pressures on the air regulators (wire tension) as they are. 1.8 bar for the profiling unit, and 3 bar for the wire chopper.
  4. A new groove profile for welding rollers are necessary:
    Width 1.80mm, depth 0.30mm. We offer the correct regrooving tool!
  5. Profile of copper wire: 1.75 +0.02/ -0.02
  6. Reduce the distance (gap) between the transport rings of the wire chopper from 0.35 to 0.25mm.
  7. Check and adjust the nosepiece height with the delivered carbide gauge plate (in the black tool box)
  8. Measure the wire elongation after change to 1.24mm copper wire, main welding current, welding pressure and compare with results before! Wire elongation might be slightly greater, but within 2%, no problem.