How to change Z-Bar?

  • Open the rollformer, and put a piece of wood between the rollers (for safety)
  • Only if weld pressure by spring: Release the spring pressure of the welding pressure completely
  • Stop the main air supply
  • Switch of the main power supply
  • Stop the cooling unit, take off both water pipes from the lower weld arm (long copper bus bar)
  • Take off the lower weld arm by taking off the copper plate (on transformer side) and loosen all bottom M5 screws.
    It might be needed to take off the idler wheel in front of lower weld roll as well
  • Undo both bottom M5 screws (type: Flat head, thickness 1.5 mm) of the T Z-bar
  • Undo both M6 screws (through side plate of rollformer) which is holding the support above T Z-bar
  • Undo four M5 screws which are holding the T Z-bar over its top support
  • Clean the slot in which the T Z-bar is going in by air pressure if needed
  • Clean the surface on the rollformer side plate if needed. Don’t use sandpaper with your fingers. If needed use a grinded plate to support the sandpaper.
  • Grease the T Z-bar and the slot and mount the T Z-bar by the bottom two M5 screws. Don’t tight them yet!
  • Mount the top support by four M5 screws, and push the support (and T Z-bar) towards the rollformer side plate
  • Check now the top and bottom gap between side plate and support by feeler gauge 0.02 – 0.04 mm: There shall be no difference
  • If there is no gap, tight first the bottom screws, then top screws, then screws through rollformer side plate
  • Undo the bottom screws and tight again
  • Clean all bottom flat head M5 screws if needed (they become rusty), and grease their heads
  • Mount the lower weld arm. Make sure that the insulations of each screw are not damaged. Lubricate each insulation if they are made by shrinking tube
  • Put a piece of paper board between the weld rolls and measure the insulation
  • Connect the lower weld arm on the transformer side by mounting the copper plate between and connecting the water pipes
  • Switch on water, air and power supply
  • Feed in the profiled copper wire compeletely
  • Only if weld pressure by spring: The gap between both weld rolls shall be not bigger than 2.0 mm (enough to feed-in two profiled copper wire). Adjust if needed by the M6 threaded bolt / nut
  • Adjust the air-throttle on the weld pressure cylinder to make sure that the piston is coming down as slow as possible!
  • Test it first by activating the solenoid valve
  • Only if weld pressure spring: Adjust now the spring: If the weld rolls are closed the compressed spring shall have a length of about 55 mm (length of uncompressed spring
    measures 80 mm. 5.5 mm are equal to 10 kg / daN)

All Can Man content is now also available on the Soudronic Group website.
Where do you want to continue your journey?
All Can Man content is now also available on the Soudronic Group website.
Where do you want to continue your journey?