How to check, if I have enough cooling energy for PowerCURE™?


  • The cooling energy should be 3 kW or more.
  • Cooling water temperature not below 20°C, due to the condensation at the coil.
  • The water pump should be able to generate a min. of 4 bar pressure at the inlet of the PowerCURE™ with a pump capacity of min. 10l/min.

Customer options:

  1. You buy your cooling system – you are responsible for the required technical data.
  2. You’re planning to buy a larger cooling unit for the PowerCURE™ and the welder, you must add the data of both systems requirement together. Ask the original welder manufacturer for the cooling data and remember; if the cooling water for the welder is required to be below 20° C, you must split the system in two circuits with independently adjustable temperatures.
  3. You order the cooling unit at CanMan.
  4. You buy a CanMan welding machine with seam protection and a PowerCURE™. In this case we will deliver a combined cooling unit, which cools the welding and the PowerCURE™ unit.