How to check the insulation on the Z-bar?

  • Take off the copper wire completely.
  • If powder tubes are in use, take them off too.
  • Take off the nosepiece, and clean its positioning slot very carefully!
    Special attention is needed in the area of the front pin.
  • Measure the resistance between lower welding arm and the Z-bar support/long Z-bar.
    • The restistance must be endless.
  • If the measured value is too low, take off one after the other screw underneath the lower welding arm.
    Attention: Do not take off all screws, the lower welding arm will fall down!
  • Check if every screw has an insulation ring and tube.
  • Blow off all holes by air pressure.
  • Check if the long insulation stripes on each side of the Z-bar are in.
  • If the restistance is still not good, the secondary unit may have somewhere else a contact with the ground.
  • Check the hole secondary circuit.
    • The secondary circuit must not be connected to the ground!