Conical canbodies after rollforming

Possible causes:

  1. Both supporting bearing underneath lower rollformer roller are broken.
    Take off the roller, and check each bearing, if needed exchange them with new ones.
  2. The shaft clearance and/or pressure of the last rollformer roller pair (bending station) is not correct.


How to reset:

  • Open the rollformer completely, close and lock it
  • Check whether the lifting motor has enough play after the rollformer is locked or not.
    • If not, the motor may have a wrong internal micro switch setting.
  • Make sure the rollformer is locked.
  • Completely unload the springs on both sides till each spring has an axial play.
  • To ensure that the roller is easily moving up and down, lift up each end of the roller by hand.
    • Belt tension inside does not effect conical rollforming!
  • Reset roller clearance to 0.1mm by feeler gauge.
    • Check the clearance with two gauges on the very left, and on the very right end of the roller!
  • Turn both springs clockwise till each screw touches the spring.
  • Load each spring by 2.5 revolutions.
  • Reset roller clearance to 0.05 – 0.10 mm
    • Check with two gauges on the very left, as well as the very right end of the shaft. After that you should be able to get a proper rollformed body, with an overlap of 5 mm.