Control “ON” function does not work. Drives do not go to reference position. No message displayed.

Possible cause:

  • Drives for the height change magazin and infeed system are active and stopped before reaching the position – overcurrent active.
    • Go to the mask for height change, push the reset button and the start button. The drives must reach the position without overcurrent message. If the error comes again, check the free movement of mechanical system.
  • If “SF” and “BF” on the PLC are “Red”, some drives on profibus are missing (no connection of height change position drive to profibus).
    • Check Fuse F6/F7!
    • End resistant of all profibus plugs must be “OFF”, only first and last plug “ON”.
    • Open the profibus plug on height change positioning drives, then open and close again the connectors!
    • Check the profibus cables!
    • Check the profibus module for damages or bad contacts!