What is the correct position of the calibration crown?

The center of the calibration crown (tooling) should be X = 2 – 3 mm behind the center of the pendulum roller head.


To adjust the position, tip the „tool out“ symbol.  


Then you have to loosen the two M10 screws on top of the tooling plate.


Then you loosen the M6 counternut (1) below the plate, then you can adjust the position with the M6 screw (2). When you turn clockwise, you will reduce the distance, when you turn counterclockwise you increase the distance between the calibration crown and the pendulum roller head.


Tighten the counternut (1) again and then tip „tool in“ to check the position. 


The correct setting!


An alternative spot to measure the correct distance is below the tooling plate:

X = 82 – 83 mm.