Drives switch themselves off without any actual logjam (LED: overload clutch disengaged).

  1. Welding speed set too low. Cans are hitting other cans (tin mould?)
    • Remedy:
      • Recalculate correct speed (see manual CM16 / chapter 6.6). Set welding speed 2-3 m/min higher than calculated. If this then works get in touch with CANMAN.
  2. The guide tool is set too narrow.
    • Remedies:
      • Reset guide tool using the calibration arbor.
      • Check cuts.
  3. Upper inner transportation finger is brushing against the catch rail plate.
  4. Insert brace is brushing against the catch and guide channels.
  5. Synchronisation is not correct (see manual CM16 / chapter 7).
  6. Re-adjust the safety clutch slightly – ATTENTION: max. 10% higher!
    If the clutch is already adjusted beyond 100%, then it may possibly no
    longer engage correctly and is faulty (contact CM).
  7. Switch off the machine completely and turn the crank by hand. There must be no increased resistance at any point.
    • Remedies:
      • Lubrication
      • Loosen belt and turn once more (possibly a problem with the motor).
      • Dismantle the whole unit
      • Replace running roller
      • Replace shaft bearings