Error message: “clutch synchro B69”

Possible cause:

  • Check the air pressure on the small air regulator, the value must be around 0.5bar (pressure to engage the clutch).
    • refer also to the touch screen “Air” symbol, where you find the exact values.
  • Check the air pressure on the precision air regulator, left side from synchrostar motor, to 1.6 to 2.0 bar (pressure to disengage the clutch)
    • refer again to the touch screen “Air” symbol.
  • Check whether the safety clutch is engaged or not: Turn the synchrostar by hand, and see whether the motor is also turning or not. If yes, the clutch is engaged!
  • If the clutch is engaged, but the error message still remains, the sensor B69 might wrong positioned:
    • Check if the LED from the sensor is OFF.
    • If the LED is still ON, turn the sensor a quarter turn counterclockwise, or until the LED is OFF. Do not turn the sensor too much counterclockwise. If the distance is too big the clutch does not stop the machine in case of a crash. To test you can adjust the precision air regulator of clutch to „0“. Now the clutch is disengaged and the sensor has to be ON.
    • Make sure that the sensor has still a clearance of about 0.5mm refer to manual Mayr EAS 450  or Mayr Clutch 0-481-325
    • Turn the synchrostar and make sure that there is no resistance coming from the sensor/clutch!