Error message: “Wire speed control”

The error occures when there is a problem with the measurement of the wire speed (not wire speed by self).

  • Check the gap between idler wheel and sensor, 1mm is recommended!
  • Check the bearings of the idler wheel! Is turning smoothly? To much play can create an unstable gap to the sensor.
  • Check cable between sensor and plc!

If there is still a problem with the measurement of wire speed, you can proceed as follows to restart production:

  1. Push the “Key button” on home screen
  2. Login with your password ****
  3. Push again the “Key button” to reach the setting window
  4. There you can find a second “Key button”. Push that button to reach the main setting window.
  5. There you can find on right top position a button “Wire speed control”
  6. Switch this funktion to ”OFF”

Please note: The workaround described above is not recommended for permanent production!