Upgrade Pacemaker Software


Do you have instructions on how to upgrade our current Pacemaker software? Yes.


Change of the processor board

The software for the Pacemaker is memorized on a small processor board. For an update with new software you need to change this board.

Before you start to change the board write down all values/parameters (e.g. main current, frequency etc.) for each can you have saved in pacemaker memory.
This not necessary for the CMX1 and X8 welder, because the parameters are safed in the panel.


Switch of main switch of pacemaker / machine.


Wait 5 minutes before you remove the cover. Capacitors with high voltage inside!


Remove the processor board carefully by hand. Do not use any tools for that.


Install the new processor board.


Be careful about the board position and especially the position of the connectors.


Depending on your current Pacemaker version you have to change the MAX IC as well.


The MAX IC controls all outputs and IGBT`s and works also with a software.


To remove the IC, use the delivered special tool. Never use a screwdriver or another tool. You will destroy the socket!


Take MAX IC out with the designated tool.


Install the new MAX IC.


Double-check the position before you press the IC in the socket!


Switch the main switch “ON” and check all parameter (current, frequency, etc.) before you start production.