What kind of oil and lubricant do we need for our X1 welder?

Air Maintenance Unit

Aral Vitam XR 46
(Festo – Part No. 12009388 T116)

Vacuum Pump
Mineral Vacuum Pump Oil
Multi Lube 100 – 750212 (Rietschle)

CM Article No. 003634 (5-lt container)

Cooling Unit
Coolant lubricant Zubora 92 F (standard)
CM Article No. 002609 (20-lt container)

PowerRoll™ Coolant H1 (food grade)
CM Article No. 011494 (7-lt container)

CLP 460 Oil
(e.g. Shell Omala 460)
See also data sheet on CD-Rom in Book 5

Central Lubrication Unit
Lithium Complex KP2P-30/EP – DIN 51502
NLGI Class 2 – Application –30 to +150°C

CM Article No. 007857 standard (400g)
CM Article No. 007858 food grade (400g)

Safety Data Sheet Cooling Lubricant
The safety data sheet of cooling lubricant you will find on CD-Rom in Book 5 in file „Cooling unit“


Gearbox Lubricants (PDF)

Zubora 92 F (PDF)

PowerROLL Coolant H1 (PDF)