Laquer in the seam

Possible cause:

This can only happen on higher can heights. The canbody to be welded, is extending with its back into the rollforming area, while the next tin plate is coming out of rollformer and touches the backside of the tin plate. The sharp edge of the rollforming plate scratches paint away. This paint is being welded thereafter in the seam.


  1. Reduce the Linmot cycle time, but not less than 500 ms (access with password customer 1). The can is now pushed faster into the welding area. This might already solve the problem.
  2. Adjust the timing of the feeder delay and compare to Linmot pusher (see manual book 1, chapter 4.5.3.)
  3. Increase rollformer speed if necessary, to reduce the rollforming process, because of delayed feeder.
  4. Try step 2 and 3 til ok.