Loosing overlap

Please check following points on your CM16 welder:

  • Adjust the tooling with the mandrel. All precalibration rollers have to touch the mandrel slightly.
  • The center of the calibrating crown (diabolo roller) has to be between 1.0 to 2.0mm behind the center of the lower welding roller! Please measure carefully.
  • Check the angularity of all 3 axes of the main calibrating tool plate.
  • Check the height of the front carbide Z-bar (nose- / headpiece). If it is too deep, then it could cause a different overlap.
  • Check the cutting tolerances of the tin plates according our specifications on our webpage.
  • Adjust the welding pressure on the precise air regulator to 2.8 – 3.0 bar.
  • Check the wire gap within 5 – 10 canbodies: The tolerance should not be higher then 1mm.
  • Control the tin layer on the upper and lower copper wire, it has to be in the center.
  • Rollforming has to be parallel, and the blank edges has to be around 5mm overbended.
  • Check the overtravel according the rule on the carriage.
  • Check whether the idler wheel in front of the lower welding roll is in correct position, or whether the circlip is missing (X-plane only)!