Lower welding arm/welding roller get warm/hot

Possible cause:

  1. Check the water filters:
    When Power ROLL is in use, there is a 50µm filter cartridge in a white body, normally placed on the delivered chiller.
    See also in the manual (chapter 7) how often the filter should be exchanged, and after what time the emulsion has to be exchanged!When mercury rollers are in use, there is a little 250µm filter mounted in the inlet of the water station. Open the filter and blow off the insert til the meshwork is clean.
  2. The water pressure on the water station must show minimum 5.0 bar!
  3. The flow meter of the lower welding roller must show minimum 5.0 l/min!
  4. Take off the water tube in the outlet of that cooling circuit, and measure how many liters emulsion/water is coming out per minute.  Compare that value with the adjusted value on the flow meter. The value of the water flow should be around 1 liter higher than the flow meter, or the flow meter should stay at least at 5 l/min.
  5. If less than 5 liters is coming out, do the following:
    Take off the X-Plane welding roller support completely, and check whether both round connections (center of rotation) between arm and X-Plane are correct positioned! If they are turned, means positioned wrong, they may reduce/close the water circulation between arm and welding roller!Put the X-Plane and welding roller back, and blow out the whole circuit by compressed air.Take off the water tube in the outlet of that cooling circuit, and measure how many liters emulsion/water is coming out per minute. Now the welding arm and roller should remain chilly again.
  6. Adjust now the flow meter to 5.0 l/min and start the production. If everything is correct, the production will not be stopped.
  7. Adjust now the flow meter to the max, means completely to the top, and try to start the production. There should occur an error message on the touch screen, showing that this cooling circuit has not enough water, and production can not being started.