Outside lacquer application (ORC) insufficient

  • Check condition of synthetic roller. Ensure that application surface is smooth and does not show any defects > replace if required.
  • Measure velocity of overhead conveyor at welder exit for reference purposes. Set speed of outside lacquering unit equal to conveyor or alternatively, set it slightly higher (2–3% above effective conveyor speed)
    > verify speed setting by measuring exact velocity, picking up speed of application surface at synthetic roller.
  • Apply slightly more lacquer on outer side seam. Please follow therefor point 7.2 (Adjustment of the lacquer quantity) in the provided instruction manual for the ORC.
  • As a last precaution, check the viscosity of your lacquer by using the DIN 4 cup supplied. Recommended viscosity: 20–25 seconds. Depending on type of lacquer used, add corresponding thinner / water in order to achieve required viscosity.