Powder falling off, while the canbody is moving through PowerCURE™

Possible cause:

  • Check whether the powder already was falling off, before the canbodies did enter into the PowerCURE™.
  • The transport belts are not running steadily:
    • Check whether the belt from the motor to gearboxes is jumping over.
    • Do not tension too much, tension till the belt is not jumping over anymore.
  • Take off the belt from motor and both transport belts, and check the play of both gear boxes:
    • The internal worm gear might be broken.
  • Grease the guides of the transport belts to reduce the friction.
  • Check whether the transport belts are moving straight into the guides:
    • The belt is possible touching left or right of the groove.
  • Check all wheels and replace the bearing when not turning smoothly.
  • Increase the transport belt speed.
    • Please check the curing after increasing the speed as this might require a bit higher voltage adjustment, however the consumed energy is the same.
  • Check whether any screw from the frame or any of the feet has become loose.
  • Check, if the motor/gearbox of the conveyor drive is grounded. Only applicable for latest model.
    • If not, ground the motor/gearbox.