I have problems to keep a constant overlap

  1. Measure the overlap by reducing the welding current until the sheet edges can be broken apart to check, where the overlap is incorrect. NOTE: Machines with a PACEMAKER™ do have a „overlap check“ in the menu!
  2. Check the blank cutting.
  3. Check the condition to the nose piece (even maybe the Z-bar).
  4. Check the „clearance“ of the calibration crown roller (also called hour glass or diabolo rollers), with special attention to the upper ones.
  5. Check the position of the exit conveyor (weld a can without the conveyor and see the difference).
  6. Check whether the idler wheel in front of the lower welding roll is in correct position, or whether the circlip is missing (Xplane only)!

If you still couldn’t resolve the problem, read more here.