During production the canbodies face unequal body offset.

Possible cause:

  • Maintain the calibration crown according to the manual (Book 2; chapter 5.5.4.)
    Important: All precalibration rollers must turn smoothly, not one should be blocked.
  • Reset the calibration crown according Resetting of the tooling
  • Guideline: The higher the production speed, the more difficult to control body offset issues!
  • Tin deposit on z-bar grooves
  • Rollforming not enough

Special settings:

  • The setting of the first, second and probably third spring tensioned rollers before the diabolo roller crown may vary in setting.
  • Basic setting – first, second and – depend on can height – also third rollers should have 0.10 mm movement.
  • If the body offset still remain, start to undo all the nuts of the first pre-calibration rollers by a sixth turn, and so on.
  • Check whether the Z-bar grooves are clean or full of tin/steel pick up:
    • If the grooves are full, clean them by sandpaper 400 or higher. For better cleaning take off the lower welding arm completely. Switch off the chiller before start to dismantle!
    • Check the insulation according manual – How to do an insulation check (yearly task)?
    • Check whether the secondary circuit – lower arm side – is connected to ground by a separate green/yellow cable!