When production starts, the copper wire does not start, or only slowly

Possible cause:

  • Check whether both pneumatic cylinders do have the correct air pressure:
    • a) Pneumatic cylinder for the profiling unit: 1.6 – 2.0 bar
    • b) Pneumatic cylinder for the wire chopper: 2.8 – 3.0 bar
  • Check whether sensor B1 and/or B2 touch the slant activation plate.
    • The sensor positions/heights are well adjusted, if the piston rod on each cylinder has about 10 – 15 mm remaining stroke left!
  • Exchange the sensors B1 and/or B2.
  • Exchange the standard I/O module of the frequency inverter U6 because the analogue input could be defective.
  • Check whether the plug or cable of B1 and/or B2 have any damage, or are not well connected to the frequency inverters.
  • Check whether, there is any error message on the frequency inverters U3, U4 and/or U6.
  • Check the mechanical play between both upper/lower brass guides (one for the profiling unit is mounted on the main alu-plate, the second is  mounted on the alu-plate above the rollformer) and the support of the idler wheels.
    • There must be a clearance of 0.3 – 0.5 mm on the whole stroke!
    • Use a feeler gauge to adjust the clearance.
  • Check the profiled copper wire width according manual.
    • If the width is unstable, the main bearings in the profiling unit might be damaged!
    • Take off the copper wire, and turn the motor through the fan impeller on top. If the bearings are broken you probably can feel it, or try to feel the bearing play, by moving the profiling rings up and down.
  • While the copper wire is off, check whether all idler wheels are turning well or not.
  • Check the clearance between both transport rings on the wire chopper according manual.
    • Basic setting: Clearance should have 50% of profiled copper wire width!