Rollforming problems


  • Set the roll clearance to 30-50% of the sheet thickness.
    • refer to the manual.
  • Do you have red springs in use for the upper front roll?
    • reduce the spring tension and check the spring color.
  • Spring pressure too low:
    • Tension the red/black springs with 3 – 3.5 revolutions.
    • Check the roll clearance with a dial indicator.
  • Rollformer motor too weak?
    • Provide us with the nameplate and a photo of the motor.
  • Change the frequency inverter of the rollformer motor to 87Hz technique.
    • This is the new standard of the CM X8.
  • Do you have a two-piece catching plate around the lower welding arm (Rollformer 420/540)?
    • This helps to guide overrounded canbodies back into the Z-rail.
  • Have you mounted a inner mandrel in the canal (Rollformer 420/540)
    • This also helps to guide overrounded canbodies back into the Z-rail.
  • Catching canal: Is the interior measurement of the two shells corresponding to each other?
    • If the interior diameter is too big, too open-rounded canbodies might not be correctly conducted into the canal.
  • Catching canal:
    Does the canal flap works properly?

    • The flap might even touch the canbody, which is being welded. Only the a perfect adjusted flap fulfills their purpose.
  • Check the upper rollformer plate: Use a dial indicator to see, if there are back and forth or up and down movements.