Single slitter: Error message „Magnet belt not down“ showing up


Error message „Magnet belt not down” displayed on HMI (magnet belt does only exist on the 2. table on a duplex slitter), and arrow buttons „Up” and „Down” for magnet belt are not visible anymore.

Possible Causes & Resolutions: 

Arrow buttons magnet belt up may be visible for a short time and pushed during start up of panel.
Delete of error message:

  1. Login with canman user => Contact CANMAN for password
  2. Go to Setup
  3. Change the function Single slitter to OFF (See attached picture)
  4. Go back to main screen. Now the up and down button for magnet belt will be visible.
  5. Push and hold the arrow button down for magnet belt until the error message “Magnet belt not down“ disappears.
  6. Go back to the canman settings and set the function “Single slitter” back to ON.