Suction cup malfunction / no vacuum


Suction cup malfunction.
Vacuum not working, constantly on or constantly blowing air instead of (sucking and then blowing) once only.

Possible Causes & Resolutions:

  • Most likely a relay is defective and needs to be replaced.
  • Vacuum suction injector is defective and needs to be replaced.



KA1.2-1.7 Relays

Y108 Vacuum blank feeder back
Y109 Vacuum blank feeder front
Y110 Vacuum 1.Table

Y111 Blow off blank feeder back
Y112 Blow off blank feeder front
Y113 Blow off 1.Table

Spare Part:

003246                        Relay / terminal 1 two – way contact

010482                        Vacuum suction injector        (Y109/Y112)

010486                        Vacuum suction injector (Y108/Y111, Y110/Y113)