Welding dropouts / missing spots

Possible cause /checklist:

  • Check all terminals at the Pacemaker board.
    • wait for 5 minutes after switching off the unit
  • Check welding sensor (position/exchange).
  • Check the piece counter in the display. If more canbodies are counted, than there are physically – there is a problem with the welding sensor.
  • Check the welding pressure: Is S31 always „ON“ (LED green) / Display > 30.0 daN!
  • If the welding pressure is secured, you can bypass the signal with a trial jumper, see diagram page 2:
    • a) remove and insulate terminal 5 of the PM.
    • b) jumper terminal 1 > 5
      Do this only for the trial, need to be reversed afterwards!
  • Are the time settings t1 and t2 correct?
  • Is the weld power limiter switched „ON“? Which mode is chosen? Glueing?
  • If you can weld a canbody with only main current and the error occurs quiet often, you can try the following:
    • a) remove the welding sensor.
    • b) start production and cover the sensor by hand, as soon as canbodies are welded.
      Important: Switch “OFF” the sensor before you open the welding pressure!
  • Check if the wire has no dent’s (mechanical damage for example due to too big can gap).