Welding dropouts or no welding current CM16/S

Possible cause:

  • Wrong weld power limiter settings.
  • Tooling sensor B6 (sensor inside calibration crown) not adjusted well. Distance to can body to big.
  • Adapter cable between tooling sensor B6 and cable to control damaged / wire break.
  • Cable between adapter cable and control unit damaged / wire break.
  • Clamp nr.3 or clamp nr.5 on pacemaker electronic board not fixed well.
  • Welding pressure adjusted to low and pressure switch S31 do switch off current.
  • Upgrade over voltage protection for welding pressure switch not installed (Varistor on supply of S31). Voltage peak on 24Vdc can create short dropouts of S31.
  • Welding pressure switch S31 damaged.
  • Contact on welding pressure relay K19 damaged / in bad condition.
  • Contact on welding current on contactor K13 damaged / in bad condition.