Wire break problem

Possible causes/checklist:

  1. Take the wire and switch out of the air supply. Can you smoothly move both cylinders of the wire drive?
  2. Check all rolls of wire drive system. Turn them by hand. All bearings ok?
  3. Check the transport wheel of wire chopper unit, condition and distance (acc. to instruction manual)
  4. Remove the belt of the motor for pendulum roller head and turn them by hand. Is it turning smoothly?
  5. Check the same on profiling and chopper unit.
  6. Now install the belts and tight them correctly.
  7. Put in the wire and adjust the air regulator.
    Cylinder wire profiling unit 1.5 bar and cylinder wire chopper unit 2.0 bar.
  8. Change the selector switch to “wire manual” and run the wire.
  9. Take a look at welding rolls – is wire position correct?
  10. Check profiling of copper wire, correct width and constant?
  11. Weld a can with current and without current. Wire break?
  12. Have you changed the wire? Use the old one to compare.
  13. Check the tin mark on the wire. Ok?
  14. Don’t forget to lubricate the profiling unit and chopper unit.