Benefits Of The PowerCURE™

Plug & Work

The compact induction curing oven only needs electricity and works practically maintenance free. It is easy to install and operate. You are creating zero CO2 and NOx emissions, the handling of gas supplies in your production plant belongs to the past and you save gas costs.

Modular Design

Each „generator – coil“ – unit offers individual power adjustments via a newly designed and easy to understand HMI (touchscreen) and thanks to their small size up to 4 of these units can be fitted into a 3 m PowerCURE™-module.

Fast Format Change

Both conveyors are linked together and adjusted via a centralized spindle mechanism. Whatever diameter you adjust, the gap to the induction coil remains the same. A canbody height change does not require any interaction except a speed and power change is planned (if not already connected with the welder).

Temperature Control

An IR sensor (infrared measurement) can be placed between every 3 meter module in order to monitor the temperature after every section. If a temperature variation is detected a warning is indicated and a controlled production stop will be initiated.

U-Shape For Even Less Space Consumption

With the U-shape composition the needed space can be reduced by up to 50 %. Furthermore are the cured canbodies returning to the operator so that an immediate check without walking along the oven is possible.

Technical Data

Production Up to 90 m/min
Diameter range 45 - 330 mm
Height range 50 - 700 mm
Format change 1 minute per module
Curing length Depending on welding speed and type of seam coating
Adjustable to welding heights 800 - 1300 mm above ground level
Electrical mains 3 x 400 VAC + N + Ground, 50 / 60 Hz
Fuse & Power Depending on curing length