Error Code C3h on Linmot control unit and BF LED on PLC red

Possible cause:
– bus connector limit switch not set correctly – address and dip switches not set according

to the electrical scheme (bus subscriber) – wire defect
– bus connector defect
– bus modul or subscriber defect.


To narrow the error you have to check the status with all the subscribers.
To test, switch the limit switch into the bus connector => the bus runs now to the corresponding subscriber, e.g. “Lenze inverter” which the LED flashes yellow.

If you are able to narrow in the error, exchange the corresponding components.


Do not forget to set the parameter and the dip switches accordingly. The parameters are mentioned in the electrical scheme!


BF LED (red) not active

Lenze inverter:
LED upper-left must light up (green)
LED upper-right must be flashing (yellow)

Error LED not active or no error code profibus



Beckhoff Control:

For the Beckhoff Control, please refer to this PDF for instructions.


Please refer to “User Manual Motion Control Software” for the error codes of the MC Software. The PROFIBUS Interface has the following additional error codes:

Error code hexadecimal: Error description: C1h Fatal error: Drive not supported
C2h Config error: Invalid MACID
C3h DP Err: Connection lost