Error message: The LED “SF” and “ER” of the PLC are “red”. Wire drive and/or downstacker does not start. No profibus connection to Pacemaker™.

Possible Causes & Resolutions:

  • No supply of a slave on the bus system.
    • Check supply of all slaves.
  • Address of slave on Profibus is wrongly adjusted.
    • Check the linmot controller. The correct setting you can find on the wiring diagram.
  • Wrong position of the switch for end resistant on the bus plug.
    • Check all switches on the complete bus system. Follow the cable seriously from PLC to last slave. First plug and plug of last slave must be set to ON, all other plugs to OFF.
  • Pacemaker™ settings lost because of empty ram battery
    • Replace battery. You can find more information here => Pacemaker – Support (
    • If the ram battery of the Pacemaker is empty and the settings are lost, the profibus communication may no longer start and also the analogue outputs, which control the speed for the wire drive and downstacker, are switched off (0Vdc).
    • After a battery change, the Pacemaker™ may have to be rebooted 3 – 4 times. To do this, disconnect Pacemaker™ from the mains and reconnect it (fuse breaker Q5 off and on again). Check the parameter settings before start the welding machine. If you have no access please open a ticket to get support => Can Man Support