HMI “Communication disturbed”


  • HMI communication error (see picture)
  • Not able to run the welder



Possible Causes & Resolution:

  • Turn the machine off and back on and see if the error message comes up again.
  • Check for the LED “on” at the PLC.
  • The machine isn’t showing any reaction (for example wire manual)
  • Please check the MPI-bus connection between the touch panel and the PLC.
  • Also check if all the PLC modules are properly mounted to the c-rail.
  • The machine was switched off for a longer period.
  • The PLC has an internal battery. To be sure that it can be sufficient charged, leave the machine power on for >24 hours.
  • Change the battery of the Pacemaker, see FAQ PM send error / PM receive error or welding parameter don’t match after starting the machine.