When I start production the pendulum head runs, but wire drive does not start (wire slips on the welding disc)

NOTE: There are two type of wire tension systems for the CM16:

  • CM16 – 300/400 has two pressure gauges.
  • CM16 – 200 works with one pressure gauge and a spring tension system.

Possible cause:

  1. Try to move the tension cylinder / cylinders by hand back and forward, without air pressure and wire.
  2. Try to turn lower welding roll (without wire) by hand.
  3. Check the groove of the upper welding disc.
  4. Is the wire width correct?
  5. Adjust the pressure of the tension cylinder(s), read for more info here! Cylinder below wire profiling unit requires 1.6 bar. Cylinder (behind main alu-plate) for wire chopper unit requires 2.0 – 2.4 bar.