9 Support Entries

  1. Connect the monitor and mouse to the DVI and USB port on the IPC. Then switch off the system and wait until IPC has completely shut down and switched off.
  2. Plug the Beckhoff IPC Service Tool Stick into a free USB port.
  3. Switch on the main switch of the system again. The IPC starts now and boots from the USB stick.
  4. The menu for creating the backup appears. Now insert the backup hard disk on a free USB port.
  5. Press the “Backup” button.
  6. Select Acronis Backup and press “Next”
  7. Select volume to be saved. Select all drives of the IPC. It can be drive C: and E: or C: and D:
  8. Leave a password window blank and set “Compression” to “High”
  9. Now the path for the backup can be selected. Select hard disk for backup and create a new folder with right-click.
  10. In this example “CM 33 No. 019 Savola”. Then select this folder as the path.
  11. Add file name with machine type and serial number. Customer does not need to be supplemented because this is already in the folder. At the bottom you can see if the backup volume has the required storage space.
  12. Now all information appears summarized again. Check everyhing and then start backup.
  13. Backup will be created now. This can take a few minutes. Wait until this is complete.
  14. If the backup is finished, close the window with “close”. Now the backup menu appears again. To check whether the file has been created, the key “Manage Images” can be pressed. If you choose the path on the hard disk for backup, there should have been created a folder “Catalog” and a file as shown in the image below.
  15. This completes the backup. In the main menu, the “Shutdown” button can now be pressed and the IPC shuts down. If it is completely switched off, the IPC Service Tool Stick and the hard disk can be removed again. Switch on the main switch of the system and the IPC returns to normal.

NOTE: When setting up a new IPC using the backup file, note that the licenses on the new device are lost and must be restored!


950 mm


1020 mm


1100 mm


950 mm


1050 mm


1250 mm


1000 mm









Please note that those are minimum heights!

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Can Man Purple:

  • RAL 4008

Can Man Silver:

  • RAL 9006 white-aluminium, bright